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Monday, December 16, 2013

My affiliates are growing. Already accumulated 21 personally sponsored affiliates and 71 co-sponsored ones. Among the PSAs, only a single person appears to be active, super active actually, at least from his performances here so far. That appears to be alright since I took it that for about 50 PSAs, I will get 1 or 2 actives ones. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

So far I have accumulated 7 Personally Sponsored affiliates and 70 CO-sponsored affiliates. Although none of them appears to be very keen in the business but I am hopeful that the more affiliates I get, the more is the chance of success. One can take a 5 percent active affiliate rate, so for about 50 PSAs, I hope to get 2 active ones. So far  as  co-sponsored affiliates are concerned, I think it goes less than 5 percent. So in about 100 CSAs, I hope to get 1 or 2 active ones. As I said, this is a long time strategy business and so, I think its alright.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

         I have 11 co-sponsored affiliates and 2 personally sponsored affiliates. however, none among them is active meaning they are of no use. At times, such things can be very upsetting.

         However, it has also to keep in mind that all that glitters are not gold. I mean to say that all affiliates will not be active, that is impossible. May be one keep on getting 5 or 10 or 25 or 50 or even hundreds of affiliates and most of them will be, as a matter of fact, inactive ones. But 1 or 2 among them will be active and that 1 or 2 can change your business abruptly. 

        So, never get upset. Keep your head and hope high. Know in your mind that slow but steady wins the race and keep on investing time and, as said earlier, a little bit of money, and success is bound to come.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I have so far received two PSAs courtesy the S-Builder Co-op unit I purchased as standing order. I hope to gain from this in the long run although I know, only about 10% PSAs will be active. Now if someone's luck is good, 50% or more than that of his/her PSAs might be active ones. But that is a dream!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

           At times, building a business that takes a lot of time and efforts, can be very tiring I guess. But if one keeps a long time view, have faith in himself and the determination to succeed, eventually he will succeed. So as a newbie, one should not loose heart just after a few months but keep trying. Honest efforts are bound to reap results.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The easiest second income for you

Strong Future International

         SFI (STRONG FUTURE INTERNATIONAL) is in business for more than 15 years, a fact that immediately tells that it is a company with strong fundamentals or else, it would not have run for so many years.  So it is a time tested business that one can invest his time and a little bit of money into.

             How easy is this? I would say very with a capital V! Each day, one has to devote sometime. And to be precise, since it is a business and since to do any business one has to invest, a little bit of investment must also be there. I will explain it so understanding can be easy. 

              After joining SFI for free, one has to accumulate Versa Points (VP). VP is the thing on which one's earnings are calculated. Upon joining, one gets a lot of tasks to complete that award VPs. In fact in the first month, one can attain the rank of Executive Affiliate doing the tasks only. So joining is free and thereafter, attaining the first rank is also free. From the second month, however, certain strategies are necessary.

             There are a few tires or ranks in SFI. On joining, one becomes an affiliate and then come the tires one after another. The first and most important tire is Executive Affiliate which is when someone accumulates 1500 VPs in a month. Next is Bronze Team Leader on accumulating 3000 VPs, Silver Team Leader on accumulating 4000 VPs, Gold Team Leader on 5000 VPs and finally, Platinum Team Leader on accumulating 6000 VPs. What are the benefits of the tires? Well, Executive Affiliates gets co-sponsored affiliates from SFI, two each month. Executive Affiliate also get direct commission, a share in Tripleclicks executive pool (I will explain about Tripleclicks afterwards), co-sponsored commissions etc. which are not available to an affiliate. When one becomes Bronze Team Leader, he gets, in addition to everything the Executive Affiliates get, matching VP from all executive affiliates under his downline up to six levels. Silver Team Leaders get all benefits and matching VP up to eight levels, Gold Team Leaders get matching VP up to ten levels and they will get the same up to twelve levels when they become Platinum Team Leaders.

            Now about Tripleclicks. It is a web store of Carson Services, the owner of SFI. One buys many things each month either from the local market or over the net. Tripleclicks is a store with more than 90000 products, both physical as well as digital. The physical products that one buys from the nets can be bought from Tripleclicks with the added benefit that each buying in Tripleclicks store gives you VP. Oh, I forgot, at the time of joining SFI, one can also join Tripleclicks for free. Now think about this, everything that you will buy anyway can be bought from Tripleclicks and you get VP for those buying that earns for you. Meaning with each buying from Tripleclicks, you are accumulating VP that gives you an earning. And when you sponsor people in SFI and Tripleclicks, as team Leader, you get a percentage of those buying and also get matching VP for their purchase i,e, whatever VP your personally sponsored affiliates or co-sponsored affiliates are earning, you are earning same VP for their purchases and activities. And as said earlier, the higher you Team Leader status, the more VP you accumulate because you get matching VP from more downline levels. So one’s ultimate goal here to become Platinum Team Leader meaning, earning a minimum of 6000 VP each month, the higher the better.

           However, if one can not engage a great deal of money, it is not easy to become a Platinum Team Leader easily. Most people can not spend much and so, I will describe the process which will enable a person to climb the team leaders’ ladder gradually. And again here, please remember, SFI is a business which is to be gradually and slowly developed.

           So what does a beginner do? The big question huh! As told earlier, a newbie can achieve Executive Affiliate status in his first month without any expenditure. After joining, one should immediately go for the ‘fast track’ VPs. Then, on the first page that one lands after log in, the Alert page, there are some buttons namely ‘To-Do List’, ‘Tips’, ‘Stream’, ‘Tripleclicks’ etc. Click each page and at the bottom of each page, click the ‘I have reviewed the information on this page’ button. Each will give you 1 VP. In the ‘To-Do List’ page, under the daily actions, there is an extra link that say’s ‘For checking out the latest items at  Tripleclicks’. This is in addition to the ‘Tripleclicks’ button above and click it also. Then under the Weekly Actions, you get 5 VP per week for reviewing TConnect page, 3 VP each week for submitting stream post. This you can do in the ‘Stream’ page and it means that for reviewing the stream page each day, you get 1 VP and for submitting post you get 3 VP per week. The CSA/PSA mailer VPs would be available to you once you become an executive affiliate. In a nutshell, you can easily accumulate 1500 VP in your first month. You also get some VPs in the E365 challenge.

         Come the second month and you are in a fix. And this is the most important month for you. Your success depends on this month. In the whole month, from your daily actions, you would probably accumulate around 700 VPs this month and so, you are no longer an executive affiliate. But you must accumulate 1500 VPs. So what do you do? This is where spending a bit of money comes in.

          You can continue as an affiliate, not accumulating 1500 VPs, and go to all the traffic exchanges and advertise your SFI link. That may get you some PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and if you get some and they are as hard working as you, you may still earn. But there is no certainty that you would be getting those affiliates by promoting the link in the traffic exchange sites, is there? And if you want to build a business, such a situation would hardly help you. So you have to go for alternate means and spend a bit. How?

        I have already told that SFI is a business and if you want to build a business, it goes without saying that you should spend a bit. I can tell you what I did personally. I have placed standing order in Tripleclicks for 1) International Association for Home Business Entrepreneurs or IAHBE. If you place a standing order, it will cost you about 30 dollars a month and will give you 1500 VP per month and you continue to be an Executive Affiliate and 2) I have placed a standing order for one unit of S-Builder Co-opertaives in Tripleclicks. This will cost 22 Dollars and in return, you get 4 to 10 personally sponsored affiliates. This is a co-op run by SFI.  They get affiliate sign ups and divide them among the unit holders, the more units you are having, the more affiliates you get. A unit will also give you 280 VPs.

          So from placing standing order for the above two, each month you are getting 1780 VPs that guarantees that you continue as an executive affiliate, and at the same time, you are getting 4 to 10 or say at an average about 6 affiliates each month. In a year, there would be more than 70 PSAs under you and if even 10% of those are as active as you, you have earned a monthly pay check.

        At the same time, you can continue with advertising your link in traffic exchange sites and whatever affiliates you get from there, that would only consolidate your position.

          One can go for variations also if one has the money. Suppose you may not place order for IAHBE. Instead, you may choose to place order for 5 units of s-builder co-op costing you 110 dollars per month. It will give you 1400 VP per month and you will get about 600 to 700 VP from your own actions and that is well above 1500 needed VPs. This will further give you about 35 PSAs each month which comes to more than 400 PSA per year and you can well imagine the result. But if you have the money, only then you can go for such orders.

          If you don’t have money to spend, well, as said earlier, do your own actions each day and promote your link in traffic exchange sites. This will bound to get you some PSAs over the time and considering those ones active, you will still earn without spending anything.

          But if you really want to build a business, you have to invest a little money. At least that is my understanding. My own sponsors have not done anything for me, no help as such I mean, just sent some pre-written mails. I have taken it to myself to guide my affiliates and hence this blog. I may not be able to help somebody with money but proper guidance? Well, I am determined to provide that.

          I sincerely hope it helps anybody, my affiliate or not, in achieving their goal of financial freedom and if even a single person is benefited by my blog, I will consider my efforts have been worthwhile.

          For your Strong Future!!