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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SFI has introduced a new item for buying from Tripleclicks; PSA to Go. One can buy PSAs in the lot of 10, 20 or 50 at given price. 

I explained before that to prosper in SFI, one should place standing orders for two things, one is membership in IAHBE and the other is one unit of S-Builder Co-op. The first gives you 1500 VP to continue as executive affiliate and the second, besides giving you 280 VP, also places 4 to 5 PSAs into your downline each month. Standing order price of both is $52.08. But in the changes scenario, I think that strategy has to be changed.

I now prefer that instead of membership in IAHBE and one s-builder co-op unit, one should go for TCredit 125 pack and PSA to Go 10 pack. Why? Let me explain.

125 pack TCredit purchase will give same amount of VP as IAHBE i,e, 1500 VP. And 10 pack PSA to Go will give 455 VP. Price of both being $71.74. This is 19.68 dollars more than the first set. But IAHBE membership has no practical value except 1500 VPs. But with 125 Tcredits each month, you have the option of bidding in the Tripleclicks auction where there is always the chance of winning something at lower rates. One can also list his own products with the help of the Tcredits. So this gives you some advantage besides giving the much needed 1500 VP.

With 10 pack PSA to Go, you are sure to get 10 PSAs under you each month. With co-op units, there is no guarantee how many PSAs one will get. It may be 7 or 8 one month, may be only 1 the next month. I myself received 10 PSAs in a particular month but in other months, I received 2 or 3 or 4 PSAs. 10 pack PSA to Go will put 10 PSAs each month and so this is better than the co-op units.

I have already changed my standing orders and will advise others to go in this line. This is more beneficial.

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